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Explore Australia by map - Tourism Australia

Details: Discover Australia's incredible destinations, unique attractions and top dining spots with this interactive map. Plan your trip to Australia today.

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Guide to Sydney - Tourism Australia

Details: Sydney's vibrant dining scene, golden sand and robust cultural venues draw visitors back again and again. This is a city that's constantly evolving, with new rooftop bars, theatre shows and designer shops popping up at every turn.

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Road trip planner - Journey planner - Tourism Australia

Details: Find local inspiration and start planning your next road trip with our simple interactive journey planner. Explore the best of Australia and find your perfect getaway.

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South Australia: Places to visit and things to do ...

Details: South Australia has made a name for itself as a relaxed region full of wine, wildlife and natural wonder. Soak up the capital of Adelaide's sophisticated art and dining scene, taste classic Australian drops in undulating wine regions and watch koalas snooze among island treetops.. Top things to do

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Great Barrier Reef animals: meet the Great Eight - Tourism ...

Details: By Amy Fraser. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most diverse ocean habitats in the world; comprised of over 2,900 individual reefs and stretching 2,300 kilometres (1,430 miles) across the east coast of Australia. While Africa boasts its Big Five, among the Great Barrier Reef’s extraordinary array of species are the Great Eight. Witnessing these magnificent marine animals in the wild ...

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Victoria: Places to visit and things to do - Tourism Australia

Details: The foodie, cultural and sports-loving capital city of Melbourne has enough to keep visitors entertained for days. But better yet, Victoria’s most enticing experiences are all within a short drive from the city.

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Queensland: Places to visit and things to do - Tourism ...

Details: Regional airports in ports like Hamilton Island and Bundaberg offer regular domestic flights that will help you explore more of Queensland’s diverse destinations. With well-maintained routes and endless adventure, the Sunshine State is also ideal for road trips – the Great Barrier Reef Drive, the Pacific Coast Way and Matilda Way are a few of the best.

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Guide to Kings Canyon - Tourism Australia

Details: Dust off your hiking boots. Rise before the heat and watch the sun come up from the top of Kings Canyon. Allow at least four hours to tackle the challenging six-kilometre (3.7-mile) Kings Canyon Rim Walk, which offers spectacular views of the gorge and surrounding landscape below.Opt for a guided walk with an Aboriginal elder to learn about the significance of the area to its traditional owners.

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Guide to Darwin - Tourism Australia

Details: Welcome to the Northern Territory's unhurried capital, Darwin, with its balmy nights, colourful characters and outdoor adventures. As well as markets, crocodiles and cruises, you'll find strong Aboriginal cultures here, as evidenced by the array of languages spoken in the streets and the vibrant Aboriginal art that fills the city's galleries, museums and streetscapes.

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Australian public holidays - Tourism Australia

Details: Australia celebrates a number of public holidays throughout the year when banks, offices and some shops are closed. If you are planning to travel to Australia during these peak periods it's wise to book interstate flights, tours and accommodation well in advance, to avoid missing out.

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Guide to the Flinders Ranges - Tourism Australia

Details: One of the oldest sheep stations in the Flinders, Rawnsley Park, on the southern face of Wilpena Pound, was established in 1851. It's still a working farm, but it's also a great place to stay, with a campground, simple cabins and luxury eco villas with stunning views of the surrounding ranges – and a glass panel in the bedroom ceiling, so you ...

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Guide to Monkey Mia - Tourism Australia

Details: Visit Western Australia's largest island. Just west of Monkey Mia is Dirk Hartog Island, a peaceful island retreat that is great for relaxing on white sandy beaches, scuba diving and snorkelling or fishing.Join a wildlife cruise and see an array of marine life including dolphins, dugongs, whales and turtles around the island. Take a walk along the 91-metre (300-foot) high cliff face on the ...

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Northern Territory: Places to visit and things to do ...

Details: For an old-school experience with modern amenities, book a trip on the famed Ghan train journey, which winds along the track between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin. Or, if you have time for an epic road trip, the Explorers Way crosses from Adelaide in South …

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Driving across the Nullarbor Plain - Tourism Australia

Details: An eight-hour drive from Perth brings you to Norseman, where your Nullarbor journey begins. If you would like to play the 18-hole, par 72 Nullarbor Links, which is spread across two states and two time zones, be sure to make a detour to the gold rush town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, where you can buy your scorecards from the Visitor Centre.Play the first two holes at the Kalgoorlie Golf Course, one ...

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Guide to Phillip Island - Tourism Australia

Details: Phillip Island also hosts major motor racing events every year, including the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, World Superbike Championship and the V8 Supercar Series. Take an exhilarating drive around the track with a real racing car driver, or you can drive a go-kart on a smaller replica of the circuit.

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Guide to Canberra - Tourism Australia

Details: The small-yet-mighty capital of Canberra is a city that punches far above its weight. The well-known museums and galleries are just the beginning. Dig a little deeper to find bustling brewpubs, hidden gems, quiet nature and family-friendly attractions.

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Guide to Karijini National Park - Tourism Australia

Details: By Kris Madden & Georgia Rickard. Set in the heart of Western Australia’s Pilbara region, Karijini National Park is the state's second largest national park and will take you on a journey through two billion years of the Earth's natural history. Descend into ancient cavernous gorges, scale some of the oldest rocks on the planet, paddle in crystal-clear waterways and cool off with a swim ...

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Best places to see the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis ...

Details: Bruny Island, Tasmania “Bruny” as it’s affectionately known by Tasmanians, is a favourite weekend getaway. Just 30 minutes by car from Hobart, it is a haven for wildlife such as wedge-tailed eagles and white wallabies, and has a well-developed food scene – don’t miss the Bruny Island Cheese Co.Relatively rural, the island is free from light and city pollution (two of the biggest ...

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Australia’s Lifestyle and Culture - Tourism Australia

Details: There’s something Aussies are known the world over for, and that’s their easy-going, friendly attitude. Of course food, events, art and history are all vital parts of the Australian culture, but what really distinguishes an Aussie is his or her laid-back outlook on life. It’s the way friends turn up unannounced for a catch-up (but always with a six-pack of beer in hand).

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Guide to the Sunshine Coast - Tourism Australia

Details: Stretching from the coastal city of Caloundra, near Brisbane, to the Great Sandy National Park in the north, the Sunshine Coast is as vast as it is varied. White sand beaches and pristine waterways sit alongside lush rainforests and Heritage-listed national parks, with charming historic villages sprinkled throughout.

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