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Personal Property - Buncombe County | Asheville

Details: All personal property that has a tax situs in North Carolina and subject to ad valorem taxation shall be listed annually with the exception of registered motor vehicles. Personal property includes, but is not limited to, manufactured homes, boats, motor homes, jet skis, unregistered motor vehicles, trailers, airplanes, certain appliances, and ...

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Real Estate - Buncombe County | Asheville

Details: Exemption Requirements. All property granted exemption will be reviewed at least once every four years to verify that the property continues to qualify for exemption.. OWNERSHIP - Property Ownership by a non-profit 501 C-3 organization or other qualified agency.; USE - Wholly and exclusively used for a charitable, religious, or educational, scientific, or literary purpose.

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Register of Deeds - Genealogy - Slave Deeds

Details: Tingo: G 71 Patton, James ... This list shows the book and page number where the deed is located in our record books as well as the seller (grantor) and buyer ... (.xlsx) Spreadsheet *The Register of Deeds would like thank the Center for Diversity Education for their help in the preparation of this information. Contact & Request.

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Lake Julian Park: Picnicking, Canoeing, Family Fun, Boat ...

Details: Fishing. Lake Julian is stocked with an abundance of bass, catfish, bream, and crappie by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission.. Anglers may fish from the shore, from privately owned fishing boats (electric motor only) or from Jon boats that are available for rent (those fishing provide their own electric boat motor).A boat launch is also available for private fishing boats.

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Sheriff's Office - Detention Division - Buncombe County ...

Details: All individuals who are charged by local law enforcement agencies in Buncombe County are brought to the detention facility on a pre-trial basis, meaning they will wait for their court date(s) at our facility. Inmates are processed and released 24-hours a day upon instruction of the judicial system.

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